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South Maui Beaches: Great Swimming Galore!

beaches in Maui

South Maui offers some of the island’s best easy-access, sandy-bottomed swimming beaches. You’ll find ideal swimming, snorkeling and sun-bathing spots all along the southern coast, starting in Kihei with the Kama’ole Beach Parks I, II & III and continuing on through Wailea and down into Makena State Park ending in Little Beach and Big Beach.


There is ideal snorkeling to be had all along the way as well, especially around the lava rocks that enclose the ends of nearly every beach on Maui. Here’s an overview of some of the best spots:


Kama’ole Beach Parks I, II & III

kam beach iii

The Kam beach parks are a beautiful, 1.5 mile long stretch of sand with full facilities. There is excellent snorkeling and fishing to be had around the lava rocks. Kam III has one of the most regular South Maui shorebreaks for boogie boarding. All three beaches are very easy to access from the road. You can see the neighboring islands of Molokini and  Kaho’olawe off in the distance and the sunsets are truly spectacular. During whale season, this is a great spot to both see and hear those magnificent beasts!


Wailea Beach and Polo Beach

Wailea Alii - Maui wailea beach

If you’re into a pristine, resort feel with plenty of nearby amenities, you’ll very much enjoy Wailea Beach and Polo Beach. Wailea Beach consistently gets named as one of the world’s best beaches — there is plenty of sun-soaking, swimming, snorkeling and boogie boarding to be had, as well as full bathroom and shower facilities. Both of these beaches are right outside of big resorts, so tend to get quite crowded each and every day. That said, there is a reason that crowds continue to flock to these sandy havens – they are every bit as awesome as you could hope for!


White Rock Beach & Po’olenalena Beach Park

poolenalena-beach Maui

These two beaches are long, sandy stretches of largely uncrowded real estate, especially during the weekdays. White Rock (also known as Palauea Beach) is accessible via some strategically located access trails and can offer excellent snorkeling, especially around the south end. Boogie boarding is decent during south swells and perfect for beginners when the water is calm.


Po’olenalena is more well known, and can get crowded on weekends, but is largely unused during the week. The central portion of the beach is undeveloped golden sand perfection. There is a port-a-potty at the north parking lot and a shower at the south entry.


Makena State Park: Big Beach and Little Beach


These two beaches are some of the most well known in Maui — Big Beach for its long, long stretch of uninterrupted sand and Little Beach for its nudist rules and hippy drum circles. The views here are scenic and the environment is magical — not to be missed when touring South Maui!


Of course, there are a number of other great beaches along the South Maui shores but those listed above provide an excellent starting point for discovering the swimming beach glory that Maui has to offer. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


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