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Planning a Relaxing Maui Vacation? Avoid These 3 Pitfalls!


How does your own private piece of Maui sound?

At only 120 miles around, you might think it would be easy to take in all that the Hawaiian island of Maui has to offer during the course of your vacation. While it’s true that you can certainly hit several of the main highlights in a week’s holiday, you might find yourself exhausted and in need of a vacation from your vacation by the time it’s all said and done.

Here’s three sound pieces of advice for touring Maui that will help ensure that you are as rested and rejuvenated as possible upon your return home.


Pitfall #1: Speeding Your Way Through Maui Tourist Attractions

Baby Beach Plantation Villa Maui - Big Beach, a 25 minute drive from your villa

Baby Beach Plantation Villa Maui – Big Beach, a 25 minute drive from your villa

There are a lot of fantastic things to see and do while visiting Maui — many of them involving long drives to the destination of choice. You’d be amazed how many people come to the island and spend their entire time in the car, racing as fast as they can from each of these attractions to the next. They stop only long enough to jump out of the car, snap a photo and head on down the road. The truth is, a person doesn’t really see anything when traveling this way.

All driving in Maui is done on narrow, windy roads at about 20 miles an hour, so you may as well settle in for the ride, whether you go 10,000 feet up to the top of the volcano or 120 miles around the circumference of the island. There’s also essentially only one road around and a few roads up, so it’s easy to get stuck behind a dawdling tourist or in front of an impatient local.

The take home point here is that there’s no point in trying to rush around on Maui. You’ll be far happier (and more rested!) in the end, if you simply select a few destinations and then thoroughly enjoy all the magical experiences the journey has to offer you along the way.

Pitfall #2: Poor Planning for a Tropical Vacation

Princess by the Sea Villa - Kimos restaurant close by, music, sunsets

Princess by the Sea Villa – Kimos restaurant close by, music, sunsets

Planning a relaxing vacation is a fine art, no matter where you’re going. When traveling to any island in Hawaii, there’s a few extra considerations. The first is the basics of enjoying a comfortable tropical vacation:  good shoes, sun protection, knowledge of ocean safety, rain gear and a first aid kit. (Even tiny wounds can become big, infected problems very quickly in the tropics!)

An additional planning consideration is how you want to spend your time. Do you want to stay in a vacation home that is centrally located, providing easy access to several attractions, or one that is more secluded, rural and private? How many tourist attractions can you comfortably fit in during the course of your vacation without feeling like you’re constantly on the run? Whatever you decide, make sure you make your reservations well in advance. Maui is a popular destination and reservations to the best spots are filled quickly.

Pitfall #3: Confining Yourself to a “Canned Hawaii” Experience

Lahaina Maui Luxury Villa - West Maui Mountains

Get out and explore! – – Lahaina Maui Luxury Villa – West Maui Mountains

Hawaii’s culture is rich, diverse and very much alive. Too many tourists spend their entire time in a resort, getting what we can only describe as a “canned” experience of Hawaiian culture. It’s a far richer experience to stay in one of many privately owned Maui villas and venture out to exchange genuine aloha with the locals, eat genuinely authentic Hawaiian food and get off the beaten path to explore Maui’s many local treasures.

In sum, three keys to a relaxing Maui vacation are: smell the roses, plan ahead properly and look for an authentic experience outside the tourist mainstream. Need help designing a vacation in Maui sure to leave you glowing with tropical rejuvenation? From private Maui villas to five-star Concierge Service, we here at Hawaii Bound Vacations special in providing a customized, luxury vacation experience like no other. Contact us today!

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