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Luxury Beachfront Rentals Featured in the Huffington Post!

Ultimate luxury villas on Maui ~ Ka'anapali Kahala

Ultimate luxury villas on Maui ~ Ka’anapali Kahala

It’s always great to see our luxury villas on Maui make headlines. Two of our favorites were recently featured in a Huffington Post article entitled, “The Gorgeous Hawaii Rental Homes Obama Should’ve Booked.

The two Maui villas featured were Ka’anapali Kahala Beach Villa (pictured above) and Oneloa Beach Villa (pictured below.)

Villas Maui-Oneloa-Beach-Villa-pool

Ultimate luxury villas on Maui – Oneloa Beach Villa

Both villas are premium Hawaii beachfront rentals, equipped with every imaginable luxury. They are both situated on sandy stretches of some of Maui’s best beaches. (Oneloa is on a private beach; Ka’anapali Kahala is right on the western arm of Ka’anapali Beach.) From ocean-edge infinity pools to large entertaining areas, gourmet kitchens to private gyms and spas, these vacation homes truly have it all.

Interested in crafting your own luxury Hawaii vacation? We specialize in Hawaii villas for every budget. Plus, we provide a customized reservation experience like no other. Contact us today to get started!

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