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Happy World Turtle Day!

Honu  [courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Kirk Lee Aeder]

Okay… we are a day late, but our honu are too cute not to celebrate! We thought we’d leave you with a few fun facts about our favorite sea creatures:

Did you know…

  • The Hawaiian Islands are home to 5 different turtle species (Hawaii Wildlife Fund)
  • The Hawaiian name for green sea turtles is honu (Hawaii Wildlife Fund)
  •  The Hawaiian name for hawksbill sea turtles is ‘ea, but for others they are known as honu’ea(Hawaii Wildlife Fund)
  • All sea turtles in Hawaii are protected by both State and Federal Law! It is illegal to kill, capture, touch or harass sea turtles. (pauko.org)
  • As sea turtles are air breathing reptiles, they need to surface to breathe. Sea turtles can hold their breath for several hours, depending upon the level of activity. A resting or sleeping turtle can remain underwater for 4-7 hours. (Conserveturtles.org)
  • Greens are the most common species of sea turtle found in Hawaiian waters. A typical adult green turtle has a carapace length of 40 inches and can weigh from 200-500 lbs.(NOAA)

Mahalo to our friends over at Hawaii Wildlife Fund who help to keep our endangered friends safe! Learn how you can become a “Turtle Volunteer” at wildhawaii.org!



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