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Maui Island Golf Courses

Maui Golf Courses


The golf courses numbered on the map above are listed below. For more information on a specific course – including maps, yardage, par ratings, prices and other information: please click on the link in the right hand column.

If you are an avid golfer, Maui offers you the best of all possible worlds. With ideal weather conditions, spectacular views, and the most relaxing environment imaginable, Maui has been named the #1 island in the world for golfing.

We provide you with this listing of Maui Golf Courses in hopes that you will enjoy all that Maui has to offer. We invite you to play some of the most phenomenal golf imaginable. So come and take your turn on the links…


Golf Course Information


Course Name

Links to golf course details


Makena North Course 

Makena North Golf Course information

Makena South Course

Makena South Golf Course information


Wailea Blue Course

Wailea Blue Golf Course information

Wailea Gold Course

Wailea Gold Golf Course information

Wailea Emerald Course

Wailea Emerald Golf Course information


Elleair Golf Course

Elleair Golf Course information


Kaanapali North Course

Kaanapali North Golf Course information

Kaanapali South Course

Kaanapali South Golf Course information


Kapalua Bay Course

Kapalua Bay Golf Course information

Kapalua Village Course

Kapalua Village Golf Course information

Kapalua Plantation Course

Kapalua Plantion Golf Course information


Waiehu Municipal Course

Waiehu Municipal Golf Course information


Sandalwood Golf Course

Maui’s Sandalwood Golf Course


Pukalani Country Club

Pukalani Country Club


Maui Country Club

Maui Country Club


We are happy to help you set up the perfect Maui golf getaway.
We also offer various luxury vacation accommodations to suit your needs.
Please contact us if you have any questions or desire more information.

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